DRUMBEAT® is an evidence-based award- winning therapeutic program using hand drumming to foster interpersonal skills.

About Drumbeat

DRUMBEAT® was designed in 2003 as an early intervention strategy to prevent and increase resilience to drug and alcohol use. Its success has resulted in the expansion of the program to include therapeutic programs to foster interpersonal skills and healthy lifestyles for specialized groups.

Core Learning Strategies

1. Learning Drum Songs:
Playing songs develops teamwork through a shared experience and increased levels of focus, concentration and commitment.
2. Playing Rhythm based games: Exercises explorer pier pressure, communication, and dealing with emotions.
3. Conversations: discussion promotes insight into key relationship issues and helps connect the group experience to real life.
4. Improvisation:  Music technique that promotes self-belief, creativity and flexibility and dealing with change.
5. Performance:  a performance connects participants to a broader community and allows them to be recognized for their achievement and new potential.